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North American Mission Board  -  South Carolina Baptist Convention  -  Kentucky Baptist Convention

Missionary Teams 2018 Calendar


  • 9th – 13th Hope for Appalachia NC Team, Rod Kerr and Marc Sanders
  • April 30th – May 4th Kershaw BA, Camden, SC


  • 15th – 21st Back to School Week - Buck Creek BC, Longs, SC, Ben Avon BC, Spartanburg, SC, Wampee BC, Longs, SC, Memorial BC, Frankfort, KY
  • 22nd – 27th   New Life Fellowship, Anderson, SC24th - 25th FBC Whitesburg, KY


  • 6th – 10th Freedom BC, Salemburg, NC
  • 12th – 18th Riverland Hills BC, Irmo, SC


  • 7th – 12th Union BC, Griffin, GA

Open Dates are available; as God leads contact Freedom Center Ministries

If your church/group is planning to come and serve with Freedom Center Ministries and you are not listed please contact us. Thank you!   

Agape House Needs

  • White vinyl siding on lower part of house
  • Outside water spigot

A place where missionaries stay when they GO to serve.

Current Newsletter

FCM Shop Needs

  • All gender casual shoes 
  • Men's blue jeans
  • Men’s boots and leather tennis shoes
  • Bath towels & cloths, Kitchen towels & cloths   
  • Bed sheets sets
  • Bed pillows
  • Summer and Winter clothes all genders  

February/March 2018

FCM News Letter

Jesus is the LIGHT John 9:4-5

Good Day Friends and Family,

The Kentucky weather has been abnormal this year; February and March did a flip-flop, while the spring flowers were in bloom...the winter, returned with rain and snow which created dangerous mud slides and floods, that destroyed structures and family homes. Though we do not know what the weather will be from day to day. But we do know that the Creator our Lord, does not flip-flop. He is the same every day and for eternity.

The Game Day 180 basketball program gave George an opportunity to coach and live out his desires. He shared devotions and prayed with the teams at practices. He told them Jesus loves them and encouraged the players to love one another. Also, he helped these beginners to basketball some basketball techniques.

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